OriginTrail: Decentralized Knowledge Graph & the Semantic Web3

May 19th, 2022 · 1 hr 6 mins

About this Episode

This week, Jorrin Bruns (Support Engineer, Parity Technologies) is joined by OriginTrail’s Tomaž Levak (co-founder) and Žiga Drev (co-founder). OriginTrail is a Substrate-based blockchain that recently won a parachain slot on Polkadot. OriginTrail developed the world’s first Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) to organize humanity’s most important assets, making them discoverable, verifiable, and valuable, often referred to as 'the google of Web3'.

This talk explores the real-world use cases of OriginTrail, and how through the synergy of knowledge graphs and blockchains, DKG forms the "semantic layer of Web3", enabling Web3 builders to organize, discover, and verify anything. It’s similar to the technology used by major Web2 giants like Google and Amazon to power their services.

The OriginTrail team explain how they moved into Web3 and achieved mainstream adoption, starting out on Ethereum as one of the first and most promising blockchain projects to address supply chain use cases, and evolving into a multichain decentralized knowledge network. They also discuss the OriginTrail parachain, enhancing the DKG with Substrate, unleashing network effects through Polkadot, collaborating with parachains, and how you can participate in OriginTrail, from running nodes to interacting with the community.


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The Trace Alliance


02:00 What is OriginTrail?

04:45 Who’s using the Decentralized Knowledge Graph

07:00 What does OriginTrail solve?

10:30 Inception and expansion of OriginTrail

15:50 Existing across multiple blockchains

19:15 How OriginTrail works with the DKG

26:20 Forming the semantic layer of Web3

31:04 The OriginTrail parachain

40:15 Shout out to DKG Community members

43:20 How OriginTrail is being used

51:20 Breaking in to the mainstream

01:01:15 The Trace Alliance