Composable Finance Part 2: Envisioning the Valhalla of Cross-Chain DeFi

July 7th, 2022 · 36 mins 11 secs

About this Episode

This week we have the second half of the conversation between Jorrin Bruns (Support Engineer, Parity Technologies) and 0xbrainjar, founder and CEO of the Polkadot parachain Composable Finance. Composable and sister parachain Picasso on Kusama allow smart contracts built on different languages and different chains to connect, enabling cross-chain DeFi applications and more.

If you missed part 1, have a listen here.

In part 2, they talk more about Mosaic, Composable’s transfer availability layer, and XCVM, their cross-consensus virtual machine. They look at how Composable approaches cross-chain bridging and communication, interoperability with ecosystems outside of Polkadot, and thinking outside the box for cross-chain applications beyond what’s already been done before.

Composable Finance
Picasso Network
Angular Finance
Whirlpool Cash

01:35 - Mosaic, XCVM and liquidity fragmentation
03:45 - Transaction fees w/ multiple blockchains
04:50 - Intro to XCVM (cross-consensus virtual machine)
07:15 - Interoperability with Cosmos and other ecosystems
11:32 - XCVM and bridging deep dive
16:30 - Cross-chain developer and user experience
24:30 - Angular, Substrate’s first money market
26:45 - Whirlpool Cash (zk mixing)