Querying the World's Data with SubQuery

July 9th, 2021 · 48 mins 51 secs

About this Episode

Jorrin Bruns (Support Engineer, Parity Technologies) talks with James Bayly, Head of Business Development for OnFinality, one of the largest infrastructure providers for Polkadot and Substrate, about Subquery, a tool that speeds up querying and extracting Polkadot network data so that anyone can take the data off-chain and create something useful.

They discuss the team's mission to deliver high performance, decentralized services to distribute assets at scale, integrate with blockchain oracles and build tools and infrastructure to advance the Polkadot ecosystem. Bayly provides insights into SubQuery’s network participants, how collaboration and feedback from Polkadot projects in New Zealand influenced several of its value-added features, their long-term plans to become a parachain and the road to 1 billion API (application programming interface) requests.

OnFinality’s website
SubQuery’s website
SubQuery’s white paper
Subvis.io’s website — the SubQuery project Bayly mentioned as an example of the power of Subquery

01:18 OnFinality and SubQuery: The mission
15:38 Providing data to blockchains vs. smart contracts
19:16 Web3 grant for open-source tooling
21:20 Decentralized cloud infrastructure
24:00 OnFinality as a distributed cloud provider
26:02 Collaboration with Polkadot teams in New Zealand
29:44 Trigger and notifications from on-chain data
37:06 Integrations with blockchain oracles
39:13 Capabilities and next steps for SubQuery
42:33 Long-term goals to become a parachain
46:10 Open positions to join the SubQuery team

Key Quotes
“There are around 500 million blocks of data on Polkadot, this team makes the tools to take it off-chain to create something useful.”