DeFi on Polkadot with Acala and Laminar: Part 2

June 22nd, 2020 · 30 mins 7 secs

About this Episode

This week we talk to the Acala Network team and learn about the Acala Network and their Sovereign Wealth Fund.

Joe Petrowski (Research Analyst, Parity Technologies) speaks with Dr. Antonia Chen, Chief Econominst and Co-founder of Laminar and Acala, and Ruitao Su, CEO and Co-founder of Acala and Laminar. They are working on a governed protocol that enables decentralized finance applications on blockchain, allowing everyday users to join the DeFi revolution by leveraging the Acala stable token to create a Sovereign Wealth Fund and other defi applications.



01:00 - How is the Acala stablecoin different from MakerDAO?

04:50 - Deploying custom logic to interact with the Acala stable token

05:12 - Homa: how your funds can do more

08:00 - What is the decentralized Sovereign Wealth Fund?

10:55 - How the Sovereign Wealth Fund can generate returns

15:30 - A comparison to traditional sovereign wealth funds

16:59 - The Sovereign Wealth Fund as a parachain and beyond

20:53 - The many functions of tokens on Acala and Polkadot

25:05 - A digital society with Acala on Polkadot and Web3

26:12 - How will people use the many different protocols of Polkadot and Acala