Zcash’s Anna and Deirdre on Zebra and quantum-resistant cryptography

September 13th, 2019 · 48 mins 25 secs

About this Episode

In this episode, Joe talks to Deirdre Connolly and Anna Kaplan from Zcash Foundation on the state of the Rust Zcash client, “Zebra,” originally developed by Parity Technologies and now maintained by Zcash Foundation. They also discuss integrating cryptography into our day-to-day lives, quantum-resistant cryptography, and what baby zebras are called.

00:28 - How Anna and Deirdre got to the Zcash Foundation
02:08 - Why have multiple Zcash clients?
06:54 - The state of Zebra now and future plans.
11:38 - Build-test-deploy benchmark pipeline
20:53 - Blossom features
22:03 - Integrating cryptography into our day-to-day lives
33:33 - Quantum security

Zebra repo
Parity’s Zebra release announcement
Deirdre Connolly on Twitter
Anna Kaplan on Twitter
Zcash Rocket Chat
Zcash Community dev room
Zcash Wizards chat

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