Blockchain for Climate Action and Smart Cities

April 23rd, 2020 · 38 mins 4 secs

About this Episode

This week we meet at the intersection of blockchain, climate action, smart cities, finance, and IoT.
Joe Petrowski (Research Analyst, Parity Technologies) speaks with Anita Mujumdar of Evercity, a blockchain-based platform to aid in financing sustainability projects to meet the UN’s 2030 climate action goals. They discuss climate finance, decentralized robot economies, using measurement and data to build the sustainable smart cities of tomorrow, and how Substrate and Polkadot are helping make Evercity’s mission a reality.

Evercity Website
DAO "Integral Platform for Climate Initiatives"
Anita’s presentation at COP25
Robonomics website
Climate Change Coalition - Digital Finance
Sub0 Online Substrate Developer and Community Conference

02:10 - What is climate finance?
06:50 - Sustainable cities approach
12:30 - What a sustainable city looks like
17:15 - Pilot programs
20:20 - Robonomics platform
25:35 - Role of DAO & blockchain
28:15 - Why decentralize climate finance?
31:00 - Trends outlook
32:15 - Why build on Substrate/Polkadot
34:50 - Launch plan

*The dates of the events mentioned in the podcast may have shifted due to coronavirus pandemic