Building a Custom Blockchain with Substrate

December 5th, 2019 · 37 mins 38 secs

About this Episode

What is it like to develop on the Substrate blockchain building framework, and what resources are available to developers? How different is it from developing Ethereum smart contracts?

In this episode, Joe Petrowski (Research, Parity) is joined by Shawn Tabrizi and Joshy Orndorff from the Developer Experience team at Parity Technologies, where they help developers building or interested in building on Substrate, regardless of experience level.

01:12 - What is Substrate?
02:18 - Substrate Seminar open collaborative learning call
07:08 - Substrate Off-Chain Workers
16:29 - Substrate Developer Hub
17:17 - Developing for Ethereum vs. Substrate
25:15 - Substrate Kitties
27:35 - Substrate maintenance/upgrades
33:13 - Current developer experience

Substrate Developer Hub
Substrate Seminar
Substrate Technical Riot Chat
Substrate Stack Overflow

Key Quotes:

“If you want to build a blockchain and you don’t want to build every single piece from the ground up… then you can use Substrate and you can take all of the common parts from our standard implementations, and the only thing that you have to code is the part that’s unique to your blockchain.”

“If you’re part of Substrate Seminar, you can actually get access to the latest features right as they come out of the gate.”

“Substrate is an ecosystem.”

“Smart contracts aren’t the only way to get your logic on a blockchain.”

“We want to make Substrate the best platform for blockchain innovators.”